Warehousing and logistics sector in India on the surge

According to a study by India Brand Equity Foundation (IEBF), India’s logistics sector is estimated at USD 215 Billion. It is expected that the sector will attract investments worth USD 500 Billion by 2025. Moreover, the sector is a massive employment generator, estimated to employ up to 40 million people by the end of 2020.

Key takeaways from the Union Budget to boost warehousing and logistics sector

  • A fund allocation of Rs 1.7 lakh crore for transport and infrastructure, including railway enhancement and investments in warehousing and logistics, is a progressive step that will help fasten growth across industry verticals such as manufacturing as well as improve last-mile delivery, mostly in rural areas
  • The ‘National Infrastructure Pipeline’ plan and the upcoming ‘National Logistics Policy’ are expected to facilitate transportation of goods and lower logistics costs across the country through various measures, which include a single window logistics market
  • Geo-tagging of all warehouses, provision of viability gap funding for setting up of warehouses at block or taluka levels, Krishi trains, Krishi Udaan scheme for air transportation of perishable commodities like fruits and vegetables, and a Rs 100 lakh crore national infrastructure pipeline towards the creation of roads, railway lines, airports, and ports

Three important trends to drive growth in Warehousing & Logistics

  1. Making constant changes and upgrades in the operations system of the logistics companies will bring benefit to the customers since this creates an environment of healthy competition while bringing the best services forward
  2. Adopting new policies and regulations put forth by the government are going to set a new benchmark for the warehousing & logistics industry
  3. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things are ground-breaking compared to conventional logistics operations in the country. Infusing latest technological advancements are going to further boost growth in the warehousing and logistics sector

Trade shows play an important role in perpetuating the development of these sectors.

India Warehousing Show is one such exhibition, held in Delhi for all logistics and supply chain professional, which offers all its participants an enriching business platform with a wider networking opportunity in 2020. The show offers a unique platform to find insights, seek relevant information, explore advanced technologies, network and generate valuable contacts, all under one roof. The USP of India Warehousing Show has always been the perfect mix of buyers coming to the show. The show hosts buyers from 3PL/4PL companies, automobile, OEM, FMCG, electronics, manufacturing units, retail companies, government departments, architects and consultants.

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From godowns to world-class warehouses: Journey of warehousing sector in India

Warehousing is an integral component of the logistic supply chain. It plays an important role in the storage of goods and merchandise during the different stages of transportation. From being dark, dusty and unventilated storage areas to modern, insulated, ventilated, safe storage facilities, the warehousing sector has come a long way. They are now equipped to provide value-added services such as packaging, labelling, barcoding and reverse logistics. With the evolution in trade, infrastructure, technology and human resources, warehousing can soon turn into the backbone of the logistics and modern trade in India.


According to a report, the Indian warehousing industry, estimated to be worth INR 561 Billion (excluding inventory carrying costs, which amount to another ~INR 4,340 billion) in 2017, is estimated to grow at 9.5% CAGR to reach INR 968 Billion by 2024. 


Several factors are driving the development of warehousing sector in India:


  • With the government’s Make in India initiative, there is increased growth in the manufacturing sector, particularly in areas like Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Automobiles, Food and Beverages


  • There are other sectors such as organised retail, information technology, telecommunications and healthcare that have witnessed dramatic growth. This is driving a strong demand as well as consumption, eventually driving the growth of warehousing sector


  • With internet penetration, technology-enabled growth drivers like automation, real-time tracking, RFID for automated data collection and stock identification are getting imbibed in warehouses. This is driving technological development and modernisation of existing warehouses giving rise to sophistication and increased efficiency


  •  With the granting of infrastructure status to the logistics segment, there has been a rise in the investments in the free trade warehousing zones (FTWZs) and logistic parks. Moreover, reform in the tax structures and new policies on international trade have led to fast growth of the sector


The country needs a platform to converge, network and gauge latest developments encompassing warehousing, logistics and the supply chain. India Warehousing Show is one such exhibition which caters to the evolving warehousing sector in the country. Industry players can use this platform to launch products, unveil new technologies, meet business prospects as well as grow their business. 


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India: Answer to de-risking the GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN

The current health crisis has definitely created a grim situation and has exposed a long known weakness in the global supply chain due to the shutdown of Chinese manufacturing for a long period early in the start of 2020. Manufacturing has been centralised to one region specifically. This needs to change, we need to reduce the risk to global supply chain by diversifying the location of manufacturing across the world. India is in a unique position to speed up ‘Make in India’ to a global audience looking for solutions.

The disruption in the Chinese supply chain should open new doors for Indian manufacturers. This will present an opportunity for Indian manufacturers to accelerate exports of manufactured products out of India to Europe and America. Moreover, this will create an opportunity for Indian manufacturers to supplement its domestic requirements across few industries.

Eventually by capitalising on this opportunity Indian manufacturing industry will create more jobs, de-risk from Chinese supplies and also boost the Indian economy due to high export revenues lower imports thereby reducing the trade deficit.

This can only happen when industry bodies and government organisations bring about structural changes within our country by changing key policies and giving an impetus to make India as a manufacturing hub. It will be a long process however, if actions are taken immediately India can be turned into an industry friendly location further attracting investments in manufacturing across various business verticals.

Furthermore, in time like these tradeshows like India Warehousing Show play an imperative role in rolling out new and exciting business opportunities. IWS will mark its 10th anniversary in 2020, and with a successful stint of nine years is back once again to offer all its participants, a bigger and a much better platform to put forth their latest products, solutions and value added services encompassing logistics for manufacturing, warehouse infrastructure, material handling, storage, automation and supply chain.

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