11 - 12 - 13 July 2024
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Established in 2009, Pragati, India's preferred development partner has managed to build a portfolio of over 8 million+ sq. ft and a strength of 250+ employees with our impressive leader - Lt. Col. Jitender Yadav, Founder and a cohort of experienced individuals comprising our development team. The future of logistics holds a rapid transformation by the year 2050. Pragati aims to play an instrumental role in this future by integrating new technologies and increasing our development potential in the field of warehousing.


Over the years, our strength and numbers have multiplied. From 1 million sq. ft in 2010-13 to 8 million sq. ft in 2020-22, Pragati has increased its presence all over India. We are present across India's major cities like Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Lucknow. With our two biggest projects spanning 2,000,000 sq. ft land area -  Pragati Farrukhnagar Logistics Park &Pragati One Logistics Park, we aim to achieve unimaginable heights in the next coming years. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Blue Dart, Daikin, Ecom Express and Cadbury are some of the noteworthy clients that trust us.

Make in India, Vocal for Local & Aatmnirbhar Bharat to re-define industry growth in India

  • According to industry experts, “Digital India and digitalisation of logistics is going to create a self-sufficient and stronger economy.” It is anticipated COVID-19 will accelerate digitalisation across the logistics sector, with digital shipments and contact-less deliveries soon becoming the new normal.
  • Government policies to promote domestic manufacturing. This will also push establishment of global value chains in India to not only serve domestic but also export markets.
  • Logistics parks, industrial parks and warehouse space demand is going to be driven by the robust demand from e-commerce firms given the boom in online groceries, retail, and other essentials goods in the coming quarters.
  • Rising interest from real estate investors, who earlier looked at office and retail sectors set to venture into the warehousing space. With e-commerce surge and physical shopping facing a setback, warehousing in India will emerge as the new growth sector.

Press Release from International Remote Exhibitors

Jin Houng Fuh (Chuzhou) Conveying Equipment Co.,Ltd

Houngfuh intelligent warehouse storage logistic sorting system Experiencing 40 years in the industry,Houngfuh contributes to intelligent warehouse storage logistic sorting system solutions for all industries.Over the years we have invested further to improve its futures,to make sure we are leaders in the market.Widely deployed in E-commerce, Express, Supermarket Retail,Pharmaceutical Industries etc.Linear type layout,strong adaptability of object specifications.Occupying a small space,suitable for medium and small venues for site.The narrow belt has a strong combination ability,and the number of carries can be flexibly used in accordance with the size of the goods.

Wayz Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd

Wayzim is a leading comprehensive solution provider of intelligent logistics systems in China, providing advanced, reliable intelligent equipment and diversified scenario services for major domestic express, logistics and e-commerce enterprises. Currently, the company has expanded its business scope to many countries and regions around the world and is committed to building itself into a world-leading intelligent logistics equipment and intelligent manufacturing enterprise.

With the spirit of " Innovation in Technology, Ingenuity in Quality ", Wayzim has built up a comprehensive solution system covering multi-industry applications for express parcel intelligent sorting, smart airport automatic sorting, and industry 4.0 intelligent warehousing, as well as e-commerce retail warehousing and distribution. In order to meet customers’ requirements for cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Wayzim also covers procedures of R&D and producing automatic and intelligent equipment such as sorting, conveying, warehousing, visual, roller, and robot.

Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Co., Ltd

Huameilong (HML) is a leading China-based and owned manufacturer of material handling equipment since 1993.

Smart storage solution provider, improving your logistics efficiency for business success, main products including Wire mesh container, Wire decking, Post Rack, IBC cage pallet, roll cage, and much more at an economical price.

Factory Area: 34,000 sq.m

Production Capacity: Around 3,000 tons of metal wire products per month

Export Quantity: Around 34 to 55 containers per week in the year of 2019

Taicang LHD Co, Ltd.

LHD S.p.A. is a worldwide operating company specialized in Telescopic Forks and other Load Handling Devices or systems.

LHD S.p.A. develops, manufactures and markets these load handling solutions, which can range from products for standard applications (pallet handling), to custom solutions for different industrial applications (coils, long products, automotive, cold storage, food and beverage, wood, textile, machine tools, miniload, transfer stations)

LHD S.p.A. Develops Customized Load Handling Devices/Telescopic Forks

In close collaboration with our customers LHD S.p.A. develops concept solutions for specific high level applications. These concepts are subsequently translated into concrete products, integrating 3D design software and calculation, mechanical engineering and mechanical constructions. These range from relatively simple to complex systems, depending on the demands and specifications given by the customer.

LHD S.p.A. is a first tier development and production partner. LHD S.p.A. is strongly driven by technological innovation. This leads to state of the art design solutions which are beneficial for our customers.

LHD S.p.A. strives to be one of the most flexible load handling devices supplier in the industry with an ability to manage rapid design changes, schedule adjustments and inventory management programs to achieve best-in-class cost and capacity management.

Wetech Electronic Technology Limited

Hilux Autoelectric is a leading provider of lighting and auto-component solutions. Hilux is a proud partner of a prestigious automotive lighting developer for two-wheeler lighting solutions. Whether you require reflex reflectors or technically advanced LED lamps, Hilux has a solution for all your automotive lighting requirements. Hilux’s products are a mark of excellence in quality and durability. Hilux also provides Automotive Led Lights for EV two wheeler & four-wheeler lighting solutions. Whether you need a durable lighting system for public transport vehicles such as Buses,e-rickshaws, trailers, or for more commercial vehicles and construction equipment, you will get best in class quality in all the products. Our exclusive range of Led Lights For Trucks includes beacons, warning lights, front lights, and backlights.

Hilux is a trusted name in the niche of automotive lighting. Hilux is an Automotive Lighting Company that operates on the virtue of quality, integrity, and excellence. With an in-house research and development lab, we ensure that reliable innovative products are fabricated with utmost precision and quality. Rigorous testing and quality checks help us deliver an exclusive range of reliable lighting solutions for commercial as well as non-commercial vehicles.

Riggerte (Xiamen) Forklift Truck Attachment Co, Ltd

As a professional forklift attachments manufacturer, Riggerte has been dedicated to producing and developing of material handling equipment for forklifts for more than one decade. Riggerte already delivered 23 patents application to CNIPA. By the year of 2020, we already got 16 patents approved and 7 patents pending.

Riggerte's standard products include paper roll clamp, bale clamp, push-pull, rotator, carton clamp, hinged carriage, fork positioner, drum clamp, and other hydraulic attachments. And custom products service is available


Shenzen Zhilai Sci and Tech Company Ltd.

A leading last mile solution and smart storage equipment supplier.


Founded in 1999, Shenzhen Zhilai Sci. and Tech. Co., Ltd. is a leading company that not only provides integrated services for smart self-service devices but also offers systematic solutions to the global clients. In the 20 years of journey, Zhilai has always been following the industry dynamics and seizing the opportunities. We provide smart IoT product solutions for global clients in the fields of smart storage, smart delivery, smart retail, digital healthcare, shared economy, cloud platform and big data.

Advanced production facility


Zhilai have 3 manufacturing bases in Xianning (China), Shenzhen (China) and Binh Duong (Vietnam) with a total area of 190,000 m2 and an annual capacity of over 200,000 units. Zhilai invested tens of million dollars to introduce world class full automatic production line into our smart manufacturing facility, equipping hundreds of auto devices, including industrial robots, forklift robots, automatic production equipment, various testing equipment, smart information control and management systems. The smart manufacturing system connects all onsite production factors seamlessly to form an intelligent self-control production system, thus achieving closed-loop control on the whole process, with the clients’ needs being implanted throughout the whole system. Every production link is tracked in real time to respond to any engineering change promptly. 

Strong research and development capability

Zhilai practice green ecology and enforce strict environmental standards and executed above-standard quality control and that makes us the leading model in the industry. By limit testing, every single product is durable in complex environment. With solid and strong R&D capability, Zhilai provides complete solutions of the whole machine, hardware, software, structure and platform technology, and applied for over 100 patents yearly, ranking at the forefront of the industry under the hundreds of R&D engineers’ efforts and annual huge investment.

Multiple products and application fields

The smart parcel terminals provided by Zhilai to logistic enterprises have been occupying major market share for years. Our products are exported to America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Middle East, etc. Zhilai have delivered nearly one million IoT smart self-service devices for the past 20 years, ranging from the field of logistics, e-commerce, retail, transportation, electricity, healthcare, malls, supermarkets, banks, schools, scenic spots, communities and government authorities, providing convenient smart services for billions of users in the world.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, we have established subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Wuhan.. Zhilai’s service network covers nearly 160 cities in China. Besides, Zhilai also set up branches in Seattle (US), Hongkong (China), Binh Duong (Vietnam), etc.


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