How can Warehousing, Logistics and Supply Chain grow in the post-COVID World?

We all are in this together!

This is a global pandemic affecting countries and businesses worldwide. The pandemic-induced crisis has exposed many flaws, unprecedented challenges, evolving consumer behavior in the global supply chain. When this crisis is over, economies will bounce back and businesses will get back on track. Nonetheless, this is a great learning period and will help make warehousing, logistics, and supply chain stronger than before in the post-corona world. Furthermore, the post-pandemic world will see digital technologies playing a definitive role in enabling improvements across businesses, including more robust supply chains, enhanced user experiences, and intelligent optimized processes to deliver results.

Innovative solutions and approach to make warehousing & logistics business future-ready!

  • Technology-led business models will emerge as more important than ever and will play an essential role in defining strategy as we reimagine the global supply chains.
  •   Businesses can create robust supply chains in the post-COVID world by reducing dependency on physical labour across transportation, logistics, and warehousing. This can happen through use of cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, blockchain, control towers, artificial intelligence/machine learning-enabled demand forecasting, rule-based and self-adjusting stock allocations, autonomous devices such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and drones
  •  Safety will also be a major factor and supplier risk management will be at the core to all planning initiatives. Moreover, the COVID-19 scenario has been exposing us to the possibilities of remote working across industries, businesses, portfolios and if it continues in the post-COVID world, this trend will lead to a rejuvenated focus on environment-friendly operating principles.
  • Also, digitalization will enhance the efficiency as well as performance in freight management, and increased investment in infrastructure, last-mile connectivity, and emerging technologies will help in streamlining the logistics panorama in India

These innovative ideas are going to redefine businesses if implemented at the right time with the right technology.

Presently, we are going through difficult times however, this will end soon. Post this grim scenario, there is a ray of hope, when business platforms like India Warehousing Show will be a definitive gateway for opportunities, deals, discussions and more. Top stakeholders and industry players can connect using this platform to learn, develop ideas and gain benefits from each other.

Get more ambitious, think bigger, and make your business future-ready.